In today's tech diary we will be utilizing old earbuds. Now, I don't know about you, but I have a ton of old earbuds lying around, because I feel too guilty to throw them out. So, I found a perfect hack for them, that is perfect for younger siblings or kids. Once again, the goal of these DIYs is to reduce the amount of waste, by reusing old tech products and giving the a new purpose. 

First gather your materials-

-old earbuds

-black or white paint (you can use different colors to add hair and other features)

-a toothpick (if you have another tool that can draw facial features feel free to use them)

Next, use the toothpicks and place some paint on them.

Then, use the paint, to draw faces on the Earbud.

Last, let the paint dry. Then feel free to use the puppets as you see needed!

Till next week where we try to reduce the amount of tech waste in the world!