For this week's tech diary the DIY is a remote. While in today's world you can buy a new remote, for only a couple bucks this hack can save you those few bucks for more important endeavors. An easy fix to this problem is to use an old phone and use it as a tv remote.

I was truly shocked when I found out how well this worked because it was almost as good as a brand new remote. So without further ado, lets get started!

First, gather your materials which in this case is a phone, it doesn't have to be an old one. I chose to use an old phone, so that it had it's own purpose.

Next, go to the app store and download- TV Remote Universal

(This app was available on a Iphone 5, so don't worry too much about the age of the phone.)

Then, go into the app and try to connect the remote to the TV (make sure your tv is on)

There you go! You have a personal remote for your tv. The best part about this DIY is the remote can connect to  all the tv's in your house!

Till next week, where we again reduce the amount of waste caused by electronics.