In last week's DIY I found a use for old earbuds, however I didn't know what to do with their cases. So, for this week's DIY I decided to find a use for these old earbud cases to make beautiful flower arrangements.

For this DIY you will need:

-faux flowers and ferns (I got most of mine from Dollar Tree)

-earbud cases

-(Optional) glue (if the flowers are not sticking properly in the earbud cases)

First, take the flowers and ferns from the stem. (if yours is attached, then use pliers)

Next, put the flowers in the earbud case. If they are not staying in the case use glue to make sure they stick to the case.

Last, if you used glue let the glue dry. If you did not use glue, you are free to use the flower arrangement however you see fit!


Till next week where we reduce tech product waste once more!