For this tech recycle you will need:

-a tablet (I used my Amazon fire 7)

-Reading apps (Kindle, Hoopla, Libby, ect.)

For this hack all you need to do is download the reading apps you want. Kindle has free books you can read, and many local libraries have memberships with Hoopla and Libby so you can read for free. Taking advantage of this can save you serious money!

After downloading the apps you can find what books you want to read based on ratings, or you can install GoodReads to know a broader audience's opinion.

Some databases with free books are:


-Here you can access over 70,000 books all for free 

PDF Drive

-where the books come in PDF format for free 


-if you want free audiobooks then go to LibriVox 

Some other great platforms are:


Library Genesis

This simple hack can stop people from throwing away all their old tablets and gives them an opportunity to reuse the tablet.

Until next week! See you soon!