Merlin is a BBC show that went on for 5 seasons it was a very popular show that got nominated for lots of awards. Which is now on Netflix(July 2020)


In this episode of Merlin there is a mysterious man in Camelot's annual Knight contest. In this contest Knights from all over the kingdom come to Camelot to find out who is the bravest knight of them all. But in this contest Knight Valiant cheats by using magic (which is banned in Camelot). He has 1 goal in his mind to kill Arthur the king's son. Merlin who is suspicious of this man finds out he's using magic. So, he tells Arthur who gains the courage to bring this matter to his dad. Only to find all the evidence gone.


Because of this Arthur is mad at Merlin for making him looking like a fool in front of the court. But when the duel between Knight Valiant and Arthur happens everyone realizes that Knight Valiant is using magic. And at the end of the day everyone's happy.


My thoughts

Overall compared to the 1st episode this one was not as interesting as the 1st episode.