Me and my sister
Me and my sister

Ever since the day my sister was born I knew she was a Genius.


She would find ways to get me in trouble.


Once, we were all on the couch minding our own business. My mom was doing stuff on her laptop. My sister was watching TV, and I was just reading a book. Then out of nowhere my sister starts crying. After my sister calmed down a little, she said. “You were looking at me how could you do that?”


And then the next thing I know my mom tells me not to look at her. Like it’s my fault.


Though me and my sister have our difference sometimes we need to work together. And that can be a challenge for both of us because of all the fights we had.


But one day we both decided to call truce. That day was the best day of my life. After that doing chores became fun. Now I just wish we could have started this way.